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The Secret
Of Wellbeing

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Immune Foundations: Hashimotos

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Pillars of GI Health:

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Immune Foundations:

Cold & Flu

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Blood Sugar & Insulin


Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Sluggish Thyroid? Could It Be Hashimoto's? Course

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus

Holistic Approach to Gut Health Course

Dr. Wanda Bedinghaus


This portal is for those exploring a holistic approach to wellness and hormonal balance naturally with lifestyle changes.

The programs do not replace your existing primary care provider (PCP) and does NOT constitute a doctor-patient relationship. It is an online course and community meant purely for educational purposes.

There are no guarantees made on accuracy at the time of course publication, as the landscape of medicine and research changes daily. Always check with your personal physician.

Nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your medical provider first.

All of the products mentioned in the portal have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so.

By enrolling in any of the above courses, you understand the above statements.

In This Powerful Program, You’ll Learn:

  • The power of fasting for health & weight loss
  • ​​Nutritional strategies to reverse diabetes
  • How to read labels & shop smarter
  • ​How to incorporate exercise into your life in a fun way
  • How exercise & stress affect blood sugar levels & insulin resistance
  • ​​Low-carb food swaps including desserts & snacks
  • ​​Easy meal prep
  • How to stop emotional eating
  • ​The microbiome & diabetes
  • How to detoxify your home & body
  • ​Supplements for blood sugar management 
  • Nutritional strategies to reverse metabolic disease 
  • How to incorporate exercise into your life in a fun way
  • How to read labels and shop smarter
  • Low-carb food swaps including desserts and snacks
  • Easy meal prep
  • ​​How to stop emotional eating
  • ​​The microbiome and diabetes
  • How to detoxify your home and body
  • ​How exercise and stress affect diabetes/insulin resistance
  • Supplements for blood sugar management
  • ​And more! 

“This program helped me burn 25 pounds of fat - Now I feel 

10 years younger, healthier and happier!"

Ashley 35, California - Mom Of 2 Kids

12-week group program

18 meetings
(Some meetings will be held virtually, some will be held in person) 

Personalized content through the Premier Integrative Health wellness app.

Daily task list to help keep you engaged and on track.

​Taught by Dr. Dyer, our nutritionist Brooke Seiz, our health coach Tricia Tayrien, with special guest speakers from the community! 

Educational materials / videos from the top doctors in the country on topics to keep you inspired and motivated.

​Membership in a private Facebook community to give and receive support during and after the program! 

Chat feature to communicate with your treatment team in between appointments.

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